This review of  BO Millionaire (Binary Options Millionaire) proves that this program is a scam. It is presented by a certain character called “Clark”. What it this all about, you ask?

The anonymous Clark claims to have a profitable binary options trading software called BO Millionaire. If you want to trade binary options, we highly recommend CodeFibo to trade safely, and profitably. This software has allegedly allowed him to make more than a million dollars within a few months.

The Binary Options Millionaire, as we have found, is a scam. Everything you hear in the presentation of this program are lies. An anonymous millionaire called Clark is giving you money for free? Do you truly believe that? We hope your BS meter is up like ours.

First of all let’s expose the fake video testimonials that Binary Options Millionaire shows you. They were made with paid actors as those people you see are not real traders nor users of this trading system.

This is the couple who are making money from BO Millionaire? They give fake video testimonials!

Look at the picture above to see a proof. This woman and man are selling fake testimonials for $5, anybody can hire them. Losing software: Now let’s have a look at the BO Millionaire system that you will get access to. You are supposed to let this program trade your account, but don’t do it!

Why? Because it is a scam program that is losing money, we know it from real users! This exact same software is used by various other scams. We’ve found that their membership area is nothing but an empty place designed to at least make you think you are getting access to something exclusive!

Why do they do that? Because these scammers are getting paid by the broker they refer you to.

Since they get paid by the broker, they can afford to provide you with a losing software, because your trading results don’t matter to them. This is a sad situation, but true.

Binary Options Millionaire is a really sad scam. It will force you to deposit money with their affiliated broker and then it will lose your money, that’s how it really works. It just makes use of binary options to scam you. Many of these get-rich-quick, binary options software we have are scams.

To really make money with binary options, you have to either spend a couple of years learning to do this yourself, or only make use of trustworthy brokers and trading software.

Some of the legitimate and profitable binary options software we have found can be found at the link here.

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Start trading with real profitable trading software only, and be on the lookout for fake scams.

Verdict on BO Millionaire:

BinaryOptionsRobotReviewed experts are committed to providing readers only with the best trading software. If you are looking for a safe and regulated brokers, BinaryOptionsRobotReviewed recommends that you try one of our top programs below.  

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