The Brit Method Scam has been around for some time and has been made and remade a few times in various domains, regardless, whichever one you end up landing on, it’s a SCAM. On top of that it has been copied, or it has copied, who knows, numerous times and comes under different titles such as the Aussie MethodLondon MethodKiwi Method, and many more. Each is absolutely identical with the slight difference in logo, sometimes the owner, and of course, the location.

Whichever one of the numerous “method” sites you land on, you will see that there are very few differences. There are many out there and if at any point you decide to look into binary options, then most likely you have run into one of them. What really bothers me, though, is the fact that regardless how many warnings are out there, people keep falling for it!

I am not talking about a few  people here and there, no, I am talking about a LOT. From the looks of  the numerous complaints and comments, they keep falling for it even  months after it has been revealed by numerous review sites that it’s a scam. If you want to trade binary options, we highly recommend CodeFibo to trade safely, and profitably.

I think at this point it’s pretty clear that this is an automated binary trading software that claims to make you money online. Like many other scams out there it claims that you will turn into a millionaire, or at least filthy rich, at the blink of an eye all for free. They do fail to mention until the end though, that you actually WILL have to invest money in order to trade. This is all done through their “recommended” broker and you need to spend at least the minimum, usually about $250.

They make plenty of empty promises and guarantee all types of nonsense, but fail to provide any sort of proof anywhere throughout the website or video. The website looks similar to the numerous other similar scams.

Fake “Jake Pertu” who uses different name on different “method” websites!

So much so that they don’t even change the stock photography used as the creator of this scam, Jason Taylor. With each new scam website they simply alter the flag, sometimes the name, and paste him in the header. Of course, this also comes with the numerous promises and lies that this website offers. This image has been so reused that at this point that we really are having a hard time understanding how people are still falling for this website.

In the Aussie Method his name is Jake Pertu. The story is the same, only the name, signature and scam name have changed.


The Irish Method Scam is no different, only the last name has been changed this time as they have kept the first name as Jason.


Jake Mason s telling the same faces claims in the Canuck Method Scam, again with the same story

Nothing more than a fast Photoshop switcheroo.


Of course, the automatic video that starts after you have entered the website is absolutely in every single website.

This means the same fake people are used and the same lies are told.


The SAFFA Method is also the same YET AGAIN.

Look up the rest and check it out for yourself. May we also add that ALL of the testimonials you will see in the video are service site Fiverr actors, some rather old Fiverr actors that no longer offer services on Fiverr, but actors nonetheless. The website is not secure or safe as they claim with their fake images of various security measure pins and logos, and you will most certainly not make any money. If you watch the video in full, which we don’t really recommend you waste your time with, but just to be sure, try and catch the name of the software somewhere in it.

They will never mention it!

Some of the legitimate and profitable binary options software we have found can be found at the link here.

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Start trading with real profitable trading software only, and be on the lookout for fake scams.

Verdict on Brit Method:

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