Prove My Profits a Vicious SCAM!

Prove My Profits is new binary options venture, which promises their members to make substantial amount of money for you and your families. The trading platform provides two types of trading methods; auto-trading or manual signals. Moreover, it claims to “never lose” and you are guaranteed to experience staggering success. Despite the convincing video presentation coming from Ted Morgan and all the marketing tricks involved we have concrete evidence, which can prove that this service is bogus. Within this honest review, you will find everything you need to confirm that this is indeed a scam. There are a few details, which separate fake systems from the legit once. Take a look at the “proof” video and the approached used inside. The presenter Ted Morgan claims how this is not one of those cheap money stealing schemes, where you`ll see his rented mentions, fancy cars, exotic locations and so on.

But, in few minutes you realize that you are watching exactly the same old videos with the same script. Moreover, we have the high promises how you`ll become a millionaire within a few days and you`ll enjoy the lifestyle you deserve. Yea right.

Usually these kinds of claims are common for the scam software.

Legit services will use the video presentation to present their product and demonstrate how it works and maybe show some live tutorials. Guess at this point you already can tell the difference. Now, let’s go over some other outrageous fake details. According to the presenter we talk about web-based platform, which provide manual and automatic features. Those features have more options: Profit multiplier and profit protection.

Now, the main features are okay but the additional ones really scare us. According to the alleged presenter the profit protection system will assure that we never lose. Well, with trading no one can forecast or guarantee the outcome of the trading session and even the best traders will tell you that. Meaning that he is lying, or this is some sort of setting that does not work. The profit multiplier is simple double up or Martingale method (a betting “strategy” guaranteed to lose in the long term), this function is designed to wipe off your account faster, that’s it. Never use such trading methods with binary options or you are doomed to lose. Regarding the algorithms themselves, there is no additional information provided.

Ted Morgan claims that a secret character named “Trader X” is the creator and he knows the secret. But since trading is serious business and such claims are just unprofessional, we know that this so-called Guru is just fictitious identity. Moreover, we do not see him in the video and we cannot confirm this identity! 100% accuracy – but is that possible?: No people please do not believe in this. No human trader or software solution can maintain 100% winning rate for long period of time! This is just marketing trick, which is designed to create positive reputation for their own service.

Ted Morgan is paid actor, we know that in advance and later on you will see why further in this review. About the detector test, just do some research about how those types of tests work, and which kinds of questions you can answer there without affecting it.

We`ll try to explain this in simple terms. You cannot ask someone “Have you made 5 million dollars last year?”. Furthermore, no one reveals the name of the company doing this test or the person behind the computer there. So, we are expected to trust blindly? Fine, we cannot say this lie detector test was a hoax based on this, but it certainly cannot prove it is legit either.

Completely unrealistic income claims

Can we trust the live session that “Ted” shows us? First the session is not live since we don’t see the software live or any trade taken live. Second, it’s physically impossible to raise an account from $250 to $25,000 for 1 hour timeframe trading binary options, period! Main evidence? Since we are in this for a long time, we had the chance to review another system in the past called – Lie Detector Millionaire! Unfortunately that old scam website has already been removed, if not we could direct you over to listen to the same script. Given our experience reviewing binary options systems, we were immediately able to tell that “Ted Morgan” was using the same old scam script. The old scam was viral and dangerous, and this is one is perhaps from the same people, or from someone else who decided to duplicate the entire script!

Review Verdict: Prove My Profits is a CONFIRMED SCAM!

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