Is CTOption Scam?


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CTOption is a unique binary options broker that prides itself on innovation of binary options trading tools

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CTOption is one of the more than 400 binary options trading platforms & brokers that exist today. For traders to day, the choice of which trading platform or broker  to open an account with is the problem.

The reason is that while they are so many, some of them are not worth your while and some are systems that you can trust your money with. In which of these two categories does CTOption broker belong to?

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Is CTOption Really Legit?

In relation to the age of binary options as a trading option, you could say that CTOption is relatively young. It was launched in 2010 and has been operating successfully ever since.

Who Are The Owners of CTOption?

This software is owned by InfiniCore Ltd, and its offices are in Kingston, Saint Vincent and The Grenadines.

They also have an office located in London. This firm is quite a popular trading platform. They also provide brokerage services. These operations are available in over 90 countries around the world.

CTOption is a binary option trading platform intended to provide traders a new way of making profit in this business. They seek to have the most professional, advanced and profitable platform in binary option. Towards this goal, they have come up with innovative products and services that traders like.

What Experience Do You Need To Start Using CTOption?

For both experienced traders and novices in binary options trading, there are many assets, strategies and services that will help them meet their expectations. CTOption as a broker and trading platform in the binary options market is powered by Panda TS. This software is owned by a development company known as Panda Trading Systems Ltd.

Review Verdict: CTOption Software is NOT a Scam

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This company has been providing innovative and customised trading tools for trading binary options for more than 10 years.

Review of CTOption’s Replicator

This is an innovative feature which is used by its traders to maximize their profits while at the same time minimizing their risks. What it does is that it will allow clients to follow the trades of the platform’s 10 best traders.

This way, you can mimic these professional traders’ trades which will be quite good for newbies who are just learning the ropes. With the replicator, you are not restricted to the top traders only; traders can even select one trade that they think fits their bill and mimic the professional’s trades.

Review Verdict: CTOption is NOT a Scam

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How To Start Trading With CTOption?

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It is a very easy and simple process to open a trading account with CTOption.

A few minutes is all it will take from the moment you open up your account and the time it will be ready to make profits. After filling in the contact info in the spaces provided. You will be ushered to another page where you can register your account with CTOption brokerage. You will then make an initial deposit which has a lowest figure of $250.

Conclusion about CTOption Software


From our experience, CTOption knows the ins and outs of the business probably more than all the other trading platforms available today. You get to import your brokers with this system, have a top-notch client support system and they keep all their promises.

If you are looking to start trading binary options and know about CTOption, it is certainly a good option to go ahead and get started with them.


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