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Created by Brandon Lewis for Auto Trading Success

Gemini 2 is a new binary options trading software

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This software is created one of Google’s top engineers who had worked at the head office in Silicon Valley, Brandon Lewis. Brandon has finally finished up with the creation of his new binary options predictive and trading software, called Gemini 2.

The basis of the software is on a discovery that Brandon made in his life that allowed him to retire as a multi-millionaire at 28 years of age. This discovery was made 2 years ago in 2014. See more details below.

Review Verdict: Gemini 2 is NOT a Scam

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Why Was Gemini 2 Only Developed Now?

Despite being offered several millions of dollars to develop the trading software by several trading firms, Brandon has declined all of them. Instead, he has decided to create a retail version and make it available to ordinary people who register as his clients.


Does Gemini 2 Software Really Work?

Gemini 2 has already revolutionized the entire financial industry of hedge funds and Wall Street on alert.

The track record of Gemini 2 has been nothing short of impressive so far in the past 3 years. During this period, Gemini 2 has not lost a single trade, and its total profits for members during this same period has been between $10,000USD to $50,000USD per day. At the moment, the software is being released to 50 people in Brandon’s 2016 Beta Group, and we were lucky to be one of the few who managed to access it. From what we have gathered from our interviews with Brandon, this software will be released publicly in 2018 for a fee.

Gemini 2 was designed to generate profits in a steady manner. It has perhaps the highest form of risk-management we have ever tested on any trading software, which explains why the software has been able to go on trading for 3 consecutive years without making a losing trade.

Should You Join The Gemini 2 Beta Tester Group?

For those who are interested in creating an additional income from home, we would highly recommend signing up for the 2016 beta test group before it closes. It has been the most important decision that many members in Gemini 2 made in terms of their finances. The latest results we examined from the previous beta 2014 group (50 members) had made a total of $800USD to $4,000USD per day for each member. With this latest 2016 version, results have been averaging $50,000USD to $200,000USD per week (cumulative profits of all members).

Review Verdict: Gemini 2 is NOT a Scam

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The first version of Gemini 2 was created after the financial crisis, a period where a small group of people who needed it most got their hands on it.

Main Benefits of Gemini 2

It is worth noting that Gemini 2 was created by some of the best brains in finance world. The no-loss nature of this trader software has attracted a lot of attention from the investment community.

One of the biggest benefits of Gemini 2 is the fact that it is accessible online and responds very quickly, making it possible for users to make money from it from all around the world. Broken down into daily profits, the average user made around $7,000 – $28,000 per day.


Registration Process of Gemini 2

The entire registration process for Gemini 2 has been made very simple, even more so now than when it first started in 2008. All a user needs to do is fill up the registration form with their accurate details to create their account instantly.

1: Sign-Up for FREE:  The first step is to sign up at the main Gemini 2 webpage, which is a completely free process as mentioned. Your email address and contact details will be required in order to proceed.

2: Choosing a Broker: The next step is to choose a broker and make a deposit. If you find that you do not have a choice to select, it means that the one broker most suitable based on your location has already been chosen for you, so no choosing of brokers is required.

3: Execute Trades to Profit: All users will have the option to tweak the parameters that Gemini 2 trades with. This is also a simple and intuitive steps, as all the buttons in the app are very responsive and the instructions are simple for even those without financial trading experience to understand. Full automation option is also provided for users who want the software to automatically trade on the signals generated.

4. Withdrawing Profits: 

In order to withdraw from your account, you will have to submit a withdrawal form to make the request. This form can be found in your membership area, or you can simply get assistance from the chat support to get instant access to it.

Review Verdict: Gemini 2 is NOT a Scam

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Features of the Gemini 2 App

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Being a plug and play software, this software can be used by people of all experienced levels. So long as you can access your email account and use Facebook, you will be able to make use of Gemini 2.

All the evidence and testimonials from Gemini2 has led us to being able to strongly recommend it to all our readers and traders. It is 100% safe and legal-to-use binary options trading software that has changed the financial lives of those who have gotten access. In the future, we are also hoping to feature some interviews from the beta-testers, and especially from those who were initially skeptical but made the right decisions to participate with the program. Those who are interesting in daily profits are highly recommend to give this robot a go. The fact that it is free-for-use at the moment also makes it really attractive, but won’t be so when it is released for sale.

Conclusion about Gemini 2


Auto-trading has changed the lives of those who are using Gemini 2 right now, and spaces are still available at the time of writing. Having an auto-trader manage money (with appropriate risk-managemtn measures) has also proven to be much safer and more profitable than if it were left to a human trader.

Hence, we will highly recommend Gemini 2 as we are confident it will benefit each and everyone of those who join and start using it to trade.


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