HBSwiss Review – Does HB Swiss Really Work?


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Created by traders Hans Berger for Automated Trading Income

HBSwiss is a brand new forex trading robot for autotrading

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HBSwiss is a new forex robot, created by experienced trader and investor Hans Berger. He was assisted by his team of experts and childhood friend Bastian Hermann in developing a virtual deus ex machina that focuses on online trading.

Hans had a lifelong dream of establishing an automated trading software that would be a prime example of the so-called Swiss quality and hospitality. Judging from its success rate which can go above 87% and is both realistic and satisfactory, he has managed to do a fine job.

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Does HBSwiss Software Really Work?

The HB Swiss System can generate serious monetary sums on a daily basis and user feedback about its performance has been predominantly positive. We compiled an exclusive review of the forex trading robot which makes clear whether the software is scam or legit.

How Does The HBSwiss Technology Work?

This auto-pilot software utilizes computer codes which can be described as a perfectly designed and tuned High Quality Swiss Trading Technology

The accuracy rate of the market predictions it generates is constantly upgraded as it is based on quantum computing models. These two specific features make the trading process of the software extremely easy to handle and operate with. One has to only set his starting personal preferences and customize the interface according to them.

After this is done, the forex software does everything instead of the online investor. HBSwiss applies two distinct and very significant scientific theories which have been successfully implemented into economic analysis for years. The first one was developed by Grover and Shor and the second one is Black-Scholes-Merton’s continuous equations principle that many profitable forex robots have used in the last couple of months.

Features of the HBSwiss Software

Another feature which separates HB Swiss Software from other forex automated systems is the fact that it is completely browser-based and will operate effortlessly and hassle-free on any given kind. The device type is also without view and members are enabled to conduct financial operations on the go. One can register very easily as well with HBSwiss Software.

Review Verdict: HBSwiss Software is NOT a Scam

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All that is required is the filing out of a couple of basic details on the registration form.

Activating Your HBSwiss Software

An approval email is sent to the user’s personal inbox and must click on the applied link inside in order to confirm and secure his spot for the forex system. Anyone who wishes to begin accumulating profits immediately should hurry up as the higher amount of interest in HB Swiss has made creator Hans put a limit on the available daily free spots.

There is a maximum of 10 people for every day which can get started with the auto-pilot software for free. The simplified explanation of how to complete the HBSwiss sign up process is:

1. Register Free

2. Place Starting Investment

3. Trade & Profit

How Can You Start Now with HBSwiss Software?

Every user who gets started with this forex software can expect high daily payouts without view of his personal experience in online trading. Once one gets used to the HBSwiss System works, he can even achieve more than the average 87% success rate.

Below are the steps to getting started with HBSwiss:

1: Sign-Up for FREE: The first step is to sign up at the main HBSwiss webpage, which is a completely free process as mentioned. Your email address and contact details will be required in order to proceed.

2: Choosing a Broker: The next step is to choose a broker and make a deposit. If you find that you do not have a choice to select, it means that the one broker most suitable based on your location has already been chosen for you, so no choosing of brokers is required.

3: Execute Trades to Profit: All users will have the option to tweak the parameters that HBSwiss trades with. This is also a simple and intuitive steps, as all the buttons in the app are very responsive and the instructions are simple for even those without financial trading experience to understand. Full automation option is also provided for users who want the software to automatically trade on the signals generated.

4. Withdrawing Profits: 

In order to withdraw from your account, you will have to submit a withdrawal form to make the request. This form can be found in your membership area, or you can simply get assistance from the chat support to get instant access to it.

Review Verdict: HBSwiss is NOT a Scam

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How Much Do Current Members of HBSwiss Have To Pay For The Software In Future?

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This income-generating solution does not require any additional payment fee.

It is completely free to use for life for members who get in early.

The only HBSwiss deposit which has to be made is the starting one of $250 which is an industry standard and is used entirely for investment purposes. It can be taken back at any time according to the exact wish of the particular trader. All our findings suggest that this is a well-designed and excellently operating forex system.

Conclusion about HBSwiss Software


HBSwiss is creating new standards in the online trading community. Its interface is very user-friendly and its algorithm shows members what High Quality Swiss Trading Technology means. There is close to no negative feedback and most of the testers who have tried it are quite content with their results.

It has many special features with which to keep customers satisfied and provides various opportunities for the achievement of solid daily profits.


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