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IQoption, popular and reliable binary broker, recently added a new and powerful feature on their platform called IQ Option Robot. IQ Robot provides a unique auto trading experience that is quite different than with regular auto trading robots for binary options.

IQoption Robots can be created with existing IQ Option accounts and also with a new trading account. Also, just like the regular platform, IQoption Robots support demo version which is great because members can learn all about binary robots without risking their money. After the registration is finished, the trader can choose whether they want to use the completed robots by other users. These robots can be used for copy trading. The other solution is to create your robot in the Wizard.

Visit IQ Option Robot Website

Using IQ Option Robots That Are In The Catalog

Traders who decide to visit Catalog can easily select a robot they like. They can do so by browsing all robots at once, or by selecting different filters depending on what they find important.

How Can You Start Using IQ Option Robots?

Traders then simply have to click ‘run robot’ button, and they will be prompted to customize their trades.

Keep in mind that this step greatly depends on the account the trader has. Traders can test robots before live trading, or can run robot immediately. Testing is very important as it allows members to select IQoption Robots that are best for them. Thanks to this new feature, members can now create their own binary robot.

There are two possibilities to choose from: one is for beginners while the other is called Wizard and the other one for more advanced traders and it is called Constructor. This way, all traders can use this robot feature available with IQoption and generate more profit, while also being able to select the approach that suits them best. The Wizard is considered to be an easy-to-use program for creating a robot.

Creating Your Perfect Trading Robot With IQ Option Robot

When creating IQoption robots, traders get the chance to add customised elements to their robot. First, you will have to select a strategy, that can be ready made or personal, in the case of more experienced traders. The next step is to specify your trading preferences on the robot.

Review Verdict: IQ Option Robot Software is NOT a Scam

Visit IQ Option Robot Software Website

Traders can select practice or real trading account, transaction amounts, assets, and the amount allocated for trading. IQ Option Robot also included testing, a step that serves for members to see how the robot acts in real market conditions. This way, users can simply adjust their IQ Robots to be more successful. The final step is picking a name and describing the robot.

How To Find Profitable IQ Option Robots To Use?

The more attractive the robot is, the more members will use it. Also, precise and reliable robots can bring profits to its owner as well. IQoption has very specially  sorted everything out, so you can find the most stable and profitable robots with just a few clicks.

What Is The Advantage of IQ Option Robot To Beginners?

This way beginners and expert traders get the same opportunity to create a successful robot. IQoption Robots can be modified before the final version is published, so there is always room to improve your own product.

Review of IQ Option Robots’ Constructor

IQoption Robots Constructor is more advanced and it is suitable for members who already know more about binary trading. Traders who want to create more complicated robots can use, IQoption Robots Constructor that allows adding additional oscillators (MACHD, Stochastic, CCI, RSI, ATR), trends (SMA, EMA, SSMA, Envelope, Alligator, Bollinger bands) and other indicators (accumulation/distribution, awesome oscillator), implement various strategies and many tools for even better and more precise market analysis.

Traders also get the opportunity to make their IQ Robot from scratch or use already finished scheme.

The entire process is accompanied by video training tutorials for better understanding.

However, when it comes to creating robots, keep in mind that this truly is only suited for more advanced traders, and not for beginners.

iqoption robots constructor

IQ Option Robot Settings Configuration

Traders who use IQoption Robots Constructor are expected to have a good idea of how the market works and how to use certain indicators.

It is impossible just to ‘fix something up’ that will be making money without previous knowledge. User should be familiar with different types of tools as there are information tools, mathematical tools, logical tools, and trading tools.

Without understanding all these aspects of creating IQ Robot, it is impossible to create a successful binary robot. What is important to accentuate is the fact that IQ Robot is not private, and can be used by other traders as well. This means that trader can simply pick a successful robot and copy trades, without even creating their own robot.

IQoption already has many robots available, so in order to pick the perfect one, traders must simply filter their preferences. That way, they will be able to learn about the robots that suit them best.

Review Verdict: IQ Option Robot is NOT a Scam

Go To IQ Option Robot Website

Customising Your Own IQ Option Robot Settings

Robots can be filtered depending on the option type, profit percentage assets, and period.

Thanks to this innovation IQoption managed to combine both automatic trading and copy trading for better user experience. Starting from August 2016 all new and old clients of IQ Option have an option to use IQ Option Robots totally free of charge to automate their trading or create signals that will be used in order to open and close the trades.

To create your own trading robot you no longer need any programming skills or third-party software because IQ Option Robots is open for everyone who has basic knowledge in financial trading or binary options. These Robots completely erases the influence of psychological factors in trading (gambling, impulsivity, nervousness, etc.), as everything is automated based on the mathematic calculations and data. In addition, every robot could be tested using historical quotes without any risk or traders can even run it on the demo-account, which is FREE of charge for all IQ Option clients.

Conclusion about IQ Option Robot Software


Joining IQ Option Robots has provided us with a wide range of robots in the catalogue as well as having the possibility to test-drive any of them on your demo-account. If you have any questions regarding IQ Option Robots, do feel free to ask them in the comments below.

Other than that there is nothing else to say about this powerful and  innovative initiative in this industry FREE binary options trading robot creator platform – go and try it yourself!


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