Is Penny Millionaire Scam?

Penny Millionaire SCAM REVIEW

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Created by trader David Forrster for Automated Online Compounding Profits

Penny Millionaire is a brand new auto-trader online income solution

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FULL REVIEW OF Penny Millionaire

This system by David Forrster has a brand new take on the popular and proven concept of compound interest. The fascinating truth about utilizing compound interest as an trading & investment strategy is that by taking a single penny, and doubling it every day, you end up with 10 million dollars after 31 days.

These are facts that cannot be disputed, it’s simply a mathematical fact. Now: How that translates to this system and our Penny Millionaire software review, is where we need to decide if this is a Penny Millionaire scam or opportunity.

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Will You Be Able To Access Penny Millionaire?

One thing to note is that this opportunity is not open to US traders and residents, simply because the brokers it is connected to do not serve the US. If you are from the US: you can check out our top recommended automated trader for the US here: SnapCash Binary.

Does Penny Millionaire Really Work?

First software trading results are in! These were all winners!

We always say that no matter what all the marketing hype says, it boils down to whether or not the system works! This system will in essence help members to trade by picking the best trading opportunities according to its algorithm. The trading algorithm will not always be correct, which supports why they make no claims about it being perfect.

This means that it will not be completely accurate, and neither does it need to be. For a binary options trading system to be profitable, it statistically only needs to be accurate about 67% of the time. For good trading systems, that should be no problem at all.

How Is Penny Millionaire Making Members Millionaires?

Once the winning trades start rolling in, the way in which they have built up the compound trading will take care of the rest. The concept of Compound Interest works – this is not something that can be disputed. Using compound interest in an investing strategy that has made many investors such as Warren Buffett millionaires and billionaires.

Review Verdict: Penny Millionaire Software is NOT a Scam

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The name of the system is “Penny Millionaire”, but we saw no explicit statements that you will definitely become a millionaire by using this sytem. Sure, the claim is that you “can” become a millionaire, but that is up to each and every individual user to put the software to use. The system also does not claim to be able to win every trade, which is realistic.

Can You Get Rich Overnight With Penny Millionaire?

You have to start somewhere, and even a penny can eventually make you rich if you have a solid investment strategy. That is the core message we got from the Penny Millionaire software, and ours results and other members we have contacted did not let us down either.

How Can You Start Now with Penny Millionaire Software?

As David Forrster said, the system they have put together for you will take high probability winning trades according to the Penny Millionaire proprietary algorithm. It can’t forecast every trade, but it’s much better than you watching the charts the whole day.

Below are the steps to getting started with Penny Millionaire:

1: Sign-Up for FREE: The first step is to sign up at the main Penny Millionaire webpage, which is a completely free process as mentioned. Your email address and contact details will be required in order to proceed.

2: Choosing a Broker: The next step is to choose a broker and make a deposit. If you find that you do not have a choice to select, it means that the one broker most suitable based on your location has already been chosen for you, so no choosing of brokers is required.

3: Execute Trades to Profit: All users will have the option to tweak the parameters that Penny Millionaire trades with. This is also a simple and intuitive steps, as all the buttons in the app are very responsive and the instructions are simple for even those without financial trading experience to understand. Full automation option is also provided for users who want the software to automatically trade on the signals generated.

4. Withdrawing Profits: 

In order to withdraw from your account, you will have to submit a withdrawal form to make the request. This form can be found in your membership area, or you can simply get assistance from the chat support to get instant access to it.

Review Verdict: Penny Millionaire is NOT a Scam

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How Experienced With Trading Do You Need To Be To Start Using Penny Millionaire?

centument results

Even if you are a professional trader, an expert software system that trades on your behalf can be very powerful.

If you have been trading by yourself for a month or two, you probably already know that it’s not all as glamorous as it sounds to trade online. You need to dedicate time to study the charts, analyse profit opportunities and take action at the right time. Even if it means waking up at 4 AM in the morning to enter a trade. Not everyone can do that, and this is where auto-trader software such as Penny Millionaire shines.

Conclusion about Penny Millionaire Software


Your username and email will be the same for both the broker trading platform as well as your broker, but keep your password secret. Alright, so that’s the end of our review on the Penny Millionaire auto-trader software.

This is the first system we know of that uses the concept of compound interest in this particular way and it is very promising. If you’re interested you can either take your chances and wait, or we strongly recommend signing up now to lock up your spot.


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